p1030535I’m Louisa and I graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol in February, 2016. Since then I got married and moved to America. It has been a hectic year full of life changes, but now my husband and I are settled in Seattle I’m getting back into the swing of writing.

I like writing, and especially using writing as a tool to communicate science for public understanding. I think it is important for people to have access to science in a more digestible form, providing an opportunity for understanding and appreciation without the jargon and headache inducing detail. Science is relevant to everyday life and more than that, it’s really super interesting… hopefully after a quick read you will think so to!

It’s a challenge to take something complex and explain it, and I just love coming up with analogies that simplify matters. In fact you might find that I like an analogy a little too much… And so this popular science blog: Science FYI was born. (Originally my old blog was @ to-me-to-lou).

Medical Writing

Popular science is what I do on my blog but I also combine by scientific expertise and writing flair to aid clients in communicating science persuasively to a range of audiences. The medical writing services I offer include:

  • Journal manuscript preparation and editing
  • Grant proposals
  • Researcher profiles- Q&A formats for academic or non-specialist audiences
  • Articles for academic or public audiences: news, opinion, feature and blog format
  • Policy Briefs
  • Creating rich content to promote products and services to target users, including:
    • Product introductions
    • Hub articles
    • Description within broader contexts
    • Spotlight on individuals involved in research/development
    • Blog material
  • And many other forms of medical writing

For more on my scientific training and exploits in science communication please take a look at my resume and writing clips: LOUISA COCKBILL Resume- June 2017 online and Louisa Cockbill portfolio June 2017. Please do get in contact if you are interested in the services listed above.